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Gaining Trust Through Conversation.

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We exceed great expectations.


Of the companies that have used our PR & marketing services have had resounding success in brand awareness.


We increase your voice in networks and social media.


The amount of capital we've generated for our clients since 2012.

Public Relations

Originally designed for crowdfunding, our PR services have evolved to serve the messaging and branding needs of companies of every size in every industry. People love a good story and our master storytellers will enchant the public.

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Social media marketing

We are social influencers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Leveraging our experience and tapping into our large audiences of followers can grow your company in quantum leaps forward.

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Brand management

Hire us as your reputation defender of your online profile. We fix bad reviews and protect your brand from haters, trolls and unethical competitors who want to harm you for their own gain. Manage your reputation before someone else does.

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digital marketing


We believe that the key to the competitiveness of companies is their professionalism and their unswerving commitment to success.


We speak clearly with our clients without doubletalk or detours. Everything we do is proudly on display for all the world to see.

"I'm always loyal to the people who advise me. I hope we can continue working together; it's a true privilege to work with someone at the top of their game."

Mark T.
New York

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Mission Statement:“To stay in step with ongoing shifts in consumer behavior as people explore different online channels for shopping, dining, travel and investing. We are here to connect our clients with as many people as possible wherever they are.”